Winter Storage 


 Not all motorcycle owners have an appropriate place to store their bikes during the winter months. We offer a well priced and convenient winter storage service for all of our customers.

If you cannot ride your motorcycle to our location, please call us to schedule a pick up – click here to view our pick up rates and pick up area.


Winter Storage Fees:

        $300 + Tax (small and medium bikes up to 1200cc

                 (WITH NO saddle bags)


        $350 + Tax (small and medium bikes up to 1200cc

           (WITH saddle bags)


        $395 to $450 + Tax (full dress touring bikes

          like Goldwings and HD Touring Models


Storage Period - Sept 15 through April 1 ( 6.5 months ):


Bikes can be dropped off for storage on or after September 15 and must be out of storage by April 1. An additional storage fee of $5.00 per day will be assessed for vehicles picked up after April 1.


Our winter storage service includes:


  • Stabilizing the fuel in your tank
  • Draining the carburetor bowls if applicable
  • Removing your battery and putting it on tender
  • Inflate tires to maximum pressure printed on tire by manufacturer
  • Heated climate controlled storage environment
  • Complete spring safety check and prep.
  • Wash bike before pick up.

Picking Up Your Bike In Spring:

When you want your bike taken out of storage, please call our SERVICE department 7 days in advance so that your request can be put into the queue with all the other customers who also want their motorcycles. Service departments at all dealerships are swamped in the spring, that's why we ask for 7 days advance notice.


Oil & Filter Change:

Since many riders know how to change the oil in their motorcycles, we do not include the price of an oil & filter change with our winter storage fee. We strongly recommend a fresh oil and filter change before storing your bike for the winter. Consult with our service department when dropping off your bike.


Motorcycle Covers:

We do not provide covers for storage bikes however if you own a cover, please bring it with you and we will use your cover on your bike during storage. Covers are also for sale in our retail center.


In/Out Privileges:


Once we are storing your bike, you can request to have your bike removed from storage at any time. An additional storage fee will apply if you want to store your bike again after that.

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