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Beautiful Machine!

This "Incoming" 21st CENTURY CAFÉ RACER has 4,491 miles or ONLY 7,589 KM's.

Introducing the new power-to-weight class leader, the Buell® 1125CR. A fearsome blend of superbike performance, sinister styling and wicked attitude, it pushes the boundaries of the naked category. This 21st century, café racer combines a featherweight chassis with a dominating 1,125 cubic-centimeter liquid-cooled, V-twin for powerful acceleration in any gear. Add to that its aggressive, sport riding position and precise handling and you’ve got an experience like no other.


Model Year
Racing Red
Stock Number


81.3 in. (2,066 mm)
29.3 in. (744 mm)
Dry: 375 lbs. (170 kg)
GVWR: 850 lbs. (386 kg)
Ground Clearance
5.43 in. (138 mm)
54.5 in. (1,385 mm)
Seat Height
30.5 in. (775 mm)


Helicon™, 4-stroke, 72° V-twin, DOHC, 4-valves per cylinder, finger follower design and shimming
146 hp @ 9,800 rpm
1125 cc
Bore x Stroke
4.055 x 2.658 in. (103 x 67.5 mm)
82 ft. lbs. (111 Nm) @ 8,000 rpm
Compression Ratio
Fuel System
Dual 61 mm down-draft throttle bodies, DDFI III fuel injection
Fuel Tank Capacity
5.3 gal. (20.1 l) with 0.8 gal. (3 l) reserve
900W electric with 1-way clutch
Wet, multi-plate, Hydraulic Vacuum Assist (HVA) slipper-action clutch, hydraulic clutch lever effort
Tuned, tri-pass resonance chamber with integral helmholtz tuning and mass-centralized mounting
Oil Capacity
2.7 qt. (2.6 l)


6-speed, straight cut gears
Primary Drive
Helical gear, 1.806:1 ratio
Final Drive
Constant path, 14 mm pitch aramid-reinforced Veyance Hibrex® belt with Flexten® Plus technology, 2.815:1 ratio


Front: ZTL-2™, 8-piston, 4 pads, fixed caliper, 375 mm 1-sided, inside out, stainless steel, floating rotor
Rear: 2-piston, direct mount caliper, 240 mm stainless steel, fixed rotor
Type: Pirelli® Diablo® Corsa III
Front: 120/70 ZR-17
Rear: 180/55 ZR-17


390 lbs. (177 kg)
Black aluminum frame, fuel in frame
Front: 47 mm Showa® inverted forks with adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload; 4.72 in. (120 mm) travel
Rear: Showa® coil-over monoshock with external piggyback reservoir and adjustable compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload; 5 in. (127 mm) travel
21° (at steering head)
3.3 in. (84 mm)

Standard Features

Magnesium Valve Covers
 Durable and lightweight, the magnesium valve covers are another example of how Buell is able to keep the overall weight of the motorcycle extremely low.  
Primary Balancing with Three Internal Shafts
 The dry sump improves power by increasing efficiency, while the integrated oil reservoir at the lower left side of engine keeps the engine compact and fluids low, contributing to mass centralization.  
Twin Side-mounted Radiator Cowlings
 Twin radiators are mounted longitudinally within aerodynamic cowlings. The position of the radiator system allows the engine to be positioned forward in the chassis, creating a more optimal weight distribution from front to rear. In addition, the position of the cowlings captures free-flowing air, driving airflow into the cowlings (and away from the rider), directing the air for more efficient engine cooling.  
Dry Sump Oiling with Integrated Oil Reservoir Located in the Lower Crankcase
 The dry sump improves power by increasing efficiency, while the integrated oil reservoir at the lower left side of engine keeps engine compact and fluids low, contributing to mass centralization.  
Compensated Front Sprocket
 By placing the compensation function in the transmission output sprocket rather than the wheel sprocket, unsprung weight is reduced, helping to improve handling.  
 The single-cam-per-cylinder chain-drive contributes to the engine’s compact design. The intake cam drive is driven by the chain while the exhaust cam is gear-driven. It requires less space over the cylinder head than a three-sprocket design, reduces weight and allows the engine to be located further forward.  
Six-speed, Close-ratio Transmission
 With lowered final-drive gearing for hard acceleration, the six-speed, close-ratio transmission provides the rider the right gear on any ride and any situation.  
Oblique Stacked Transmission Configuration
 The Helicon powertrain stacks the primary and secondary drives to yield a more compact overall design. This increases front weight distribution to aid in anti-squat and improve suspension response. It also allows Buell engineers to design a forward placement of swingarm pivot, providing room for a longer swingarm and better overall handling.  
Hydraulic Vacuum Assist (HVA) Slipper-action Clutch
 The smooth clutch lever effort and slipper-like action mechanism reduces engine braking during hard deceleration and enhances the overall rider experience.  
A 12-liter Airbox
 The large, 12-liter airbox is designed to optimize air intake and accommodate a large, easy-to-service air filter.  
RAM Air System
 Using computational fluid dynamics to optimize the air flow, the RAM air system pressurizes the air box for a performance gain at speeds over 80 miles per hour.  
Ergonomics / Seating Position
 With relaxed footpegs and a short reach to the bars, the riding position is versatile, accommodating both an upright stance and an aggressive lean into the bike.  
 At just 375 pounds dry, the 1125CR is the lightest streetfighter in its class. It feels quick and nimble, effortlessly flicking, swerving and dodging around whatever the road throws your way.  
 The sinister gaze of the 1125CR hints at what’s to come when the stoplight turns green. The minimalist flyscreen gives the pilot a full view of the urban course ahead. Radical headlamps are blended into the fairing, giving the bike a purposeful stare.  
 The footpeg placement keeps you in an aggressive riding stance to optimize your ability to quickly shift your weight around the bike while still allowing for a comfortable body position that reduces weight and pressure on your hands.  
Instrument Panel
 The instrument cluster with ODIS (On-Board Diagnostic Information System) is cradled in a lightweight, magnesium module. Compact and easy to read both day and night, the LED screen has a wide 50-degree viewing angle and features a service code display, security system with immobilizer, lap timer and splits, gear indicator, two trip odometers, ambient air temperature, and more.  
Tail Section
 The rear section is clean and sleek with a passenger seat hidden under an easily removable cowling.  
 Clubman-style handlebars harkens back to the days when café racers prowled the city streets. Aggressive, yet comfortable, they offer the rider superior control with a touch of style.  
LED Turn Signals
 Front turn signals are incorporated into the aerodynamic mirror housing making it easier for other drivers to see where you’re going.  
Adjustable Levers
 With rider comfort in mind, Buell features brake and clutch levers that are adjustable for reach. Foot controls (brake and shifter) feature toe pegs that adjust to rider foot size.  
Durability Features
 The side-mounted radiators and outer covers are designed to absorb an impact and minimize repair costs.  
Convenience Features
 Tie-down hooks on the tail section make it easy to secure extra gear.  
Buell Intuitive Response Chassis (IRC)
 The Intuitive Response Chassis (IRC) is the stiffest we’ve ever built, resulting in a bike that’s better able to hold a line with minimal flexing or bending. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, it responds to aggressive riding with precision and predictability, delivering an unprecedented amount of rider feedback, regardless of road conditions.  
Frame and Swingarm
 A new longer cast-aluminum swingarm design optimizes the suspension geometry with the lower final drive gearing. Its pivot shaft is carried in the engine cases to create a stiff connection between the rear wheel and the rest of the chassis. Slider bobbin added to the swingarm for protection and use of a rear stand.  
Fuel Capacity
 With 5.3 gallons of fuel contained in the frame, as near to the center of mass as possible, the rider is able to spend more time on the road enjoying the 1125CR’s precision handling and less time at the fuel pump.  
Front Brake
 Buell Zero Torsional Load (ZTL-2) front brake utilizes a four-pad, eight-piston caliper inspired by the XBRR race motorcycle. A single 375-millimeter rotor mounts directly to the rim producing outstanding stopping power. The caliper casting was optimized for torsional stiffness, yielding a more progressive and connected braking feel to the rider. The rim-mounted design eliminates the need for load-bearing spokes or even a second disc, resulting in a front end assembly that is significantly lighter than competitive designs.  
Front Suspension
 To match the stiffness of the main chassis, the 1125CR uses a fully adjustable 47-millimeter Showa® inverted fork, contributing to superior feel and greater feedback. Spring rates and damping are optimized for agility and responsiveness.  
 Exhaust cans are heavy. It doesn’t make sense to hang them up high and off the back of the bike. Our underslung exhaust – a Buell staple since 1985 – concentrates the weight underneath the chassis to provide greater mass centralization. The result is a clean, uncluttered look, improved flickability and superior handling. The 1125CR exhaust system features a large-volume muffler tuned to produce a linear horsepower and torque curve.  
Rear Suspension
 The fully adjustable, piggyback-style Showa® monoshock lets you fine-tune the ride for your weight and riding style. Linklessly mounted to a pivot point placed forward on the engine case, it enhances rigidity while reducing squat during hard acceleration.  
 Pirelli® Diablo Corsa III tires feature a three-zone compound for optimum street and track use.  
Rear Brake
 The rear brakes utilize a two-piston caliper and a 240-millimeter stainless steel rotor. The caliper is mounted directly to the inner surface of the swingarm, hidden from view. The caliper weighs 1.5 pound less than a typical carrier-equipped rear caliper system, reducing unsprung weight and complexity.  
Steel Braided Brake Lines
 Both rear and front brakes are fitted with steel braided brake lines for a better correlation of lever pressure to brake pressure resulting in improved brake feel.  
Six-spoke Cast Aluminum Wheels
 With braking forces distributed through the entire rim due to the ZTL perimeter mounted brake rotor, the Buell six-spoke front wheel can be made extremely light. This reduces steering inertia and unsprung weight for better handling on the less-than-perfect streets you’ll ride every day.  
Immediate Throttle Response Belt Drive
 A unique constant-tension pulley eliminates slack in the driveline, resulting in smoother on/off throttle transitions no matter what position the swingarm is in. Clean, quiet and extremely strong, the Veyance Hibrex belt with Flexten Plus technology never needs replacing, maintenance or adjustments of any kind. In addition, it weighs just 1.06 pounds, compared to drive chains that weigh four to five pounds.  
1125 Helicon Engine
 A Buell exclusive, the powerful Buell Helicon® 1125-cubic-centimeter, 72-degree, liquid-cooled, V-twin engine.  
 Most powerful Buell street engine to date. By not compromising to conform with a race class spec, 1125-cubic-centimeter’s gives this engine the right bore and stroke combination to deliver superbike power at 146-horsepower and 82-foot-pounds of torque, with a redline of 10,500 rpm. The broad powerband and seamless torque curve generates hard and fast acceleration from anywhere on the rpm range.  
72-degree V-twin
 The look, sound, and feel of a V-twin engine deliver the character and superior ride experience you expect on a Buell. The 72-degree V-angle creates a compact, efficiently packaged engine and allows additional weight to be distributed to the front of the bike. It also allows for inclusion of an optimum downdraft fuel intake system, thereby lowering the height of the center of gravity as well.  
103.3-millimeter Bore and 67.5-millimeter Stroke Low Inertia Flywheel
 A big bore, short stroke and light flywheel deliver complete power and quick-revving performance.  
Finger Follower Valve Lifters
 The Buell Helicon motor's valves are actuated with finger followers and adjusted with shims. Derived from F-1 race technology, finger follower valve actuation reduces friction and permits a quicker valve opening due to reduced weight. Shim replacement is quick and easy due to the unique follower retention system.  
Closed-loop Fuel Injection System, DDFI3 EFI 61-millimeter Dual Throttle Bodies
 Immediate throttle response in any environment is delivered by the Helicon motor’s closed-loop FI system. It provides constant feedback to the ECU based on environment and ensures an efficient mixture control system, resulting in smoother throttle operation and better fuel economy. The 61-millimeter dual throttle bodies allow for superior air intake and optimum engine performance.  
Dual Overhead Cams with Self Adjusting Chain Drive and Four Valves
 The single-cam-per-cylinder chain drive contributes to the engine’s compact design. The intake cam drive is driven by the chain while the exhaust cam is gear driven. It requires less space over the cylinder head than a three-sprocket design, reduces weight and allows the engine to be located in an optimum, forward position.  

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